Are you curious about how healing happens? Or how lessons from the Bible can bring peace, healing, and solutions to everyday needs? We invite you to explore ideas about spirituality and Christian Science at an upcoming talk by Beth Packer, CS. Sponsored by the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle.

This talk explores the phenomena of spiritual healing as recorded throughout the Bible – healing that for centuries had allowed people to live their lives with dominion and not be victims to their circumstances. And it shows by present-day examples, that such healing is not something of the past, but is a present possibility – an accessible transforming power for good in our lives today. It’s shown how a knowledge of our inseparable relationship to God brings practical healing solutions. Also, how practical, effective prayer can help us all experience divine power and protection in our lives. Included are multiple examples of the practicality of spiritual healing, including protection from an attack, healing of a medically diagnosed ‘incurable’ illness, and effects of a severe accident.