Women sitting on paddle boards on a lake.

Back by popular demand!

Sailgating = Tailgating on boats. Welcome to Sustainable Seattle’s safely distant social gathering option!

Join Sustainable Seattle as they host a sunset talk and picnic in South Lake Union.

Accessible both by land & water, we will be in a cozy corner of Lake Union just west of MOHAI.

This year, as part of S2’s HOME FOR GOOD Series, we will learn about the role the watersheds played in establishing this region as a home for generations. We will also learn about environmental impacts on the watersheds today, and what we can do to make this a safe, healthy, and clean home for all.

Guest speakers include BJ Cummings, author of “The River That Made Seattle,” and Paulina Lopez and James Rasmussen of Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition. The event also features playful activities, live music, picnic dinners, Frankie & Jo’s ice cream, and prizes including a trip in a hot tub boat!

To attend, you can gather by water in your own vessel, bring a picnic blanket and join in Lake Union Park, or tune in from home. Learn more and Register at bit.ly/S2Sailgating