Paint brushes making strokes of brown, red, and blue on white paper.

From the first time we take hold of a box of crayons, we are taught that trees are green and the sky is blue. Now we know better, and, more often than not, the colors of our world available to us as artists are more diverse and inspiring.

**This class will be taught live via Zoom**

Michael Hepher of Clawhammer Press will be your guide as you wander off the normal path and step out of your comfort zone with unique color combinations, layers, and split-fountains that will help you develop your own sense of style and place. Michael will use his decades of experience as a designer, painter, and printer to teach you how to use color creatively to capture emotion and create unique works of art that still feel “right.”

This edition of Long-Distance Letterpress will examine ways of using color to create depth, emotion, and find a unique voice for each print. We will tackle a practical approach to intuitive color mixing, making agile adjustments along the way, and stepping outside the realm of “normal” with our color selections. We’ll cover:

  • Fundamentals of color theory (we’ll skim it to make sure everyone has a baseline understanding)
  • Intuitive ink mixing: mixing ink without a scale or percentage guide; trusting your gut for color selection
  • How to predict (within reason) how colors will layer, and how to adjust to surprises
  • The use of gradients (split fountains, rainbow rolls) for depth and interest
  • Planning color for reduction cut illustration or multi-layer compositions
  • On-the-fly troubleshooting for multi-layered prints

All participants will receive a copy of the class project via snail mail.

International students: please email [email protected] to register.