Weiner dog dressed in a purple puppy coat on a trail.

Don’t leave your dog bored at home while you head out for a fun hiking adventure.  Instead, come learn how to bring your dog with you!

Jessica of the award-winning blog You Did What With Your Wiener?about hiking, camping, and traveling with her two Dachshunds—will share her best tips for hiking with your dog to help you and your dog stay safe and happy out on the trail.

Jessica will cover things like:

  • How to physically prepare your dog for hiking (to increase fitness and stamina) How to find trails and choose the right one for your skill level (to help make sure you and your dog enjoy the adventure every single time)
  • Hiking-with-dogs trail etiquette (so you will make new friends, not annoy people, on the trail)
  • Gear you will need to hike with your dog (so you’re well prepared)
  • First aid and safety (to keep you and your dog healthy and happy)

Come ask questions, get advice, get inspired, and mingle with other dog lovers, and plan to go hiking with us on June 11th!  Well-behaved dogs that can sit (mostly) quietly through a 40 to 50 minute presentation and are friendly with other dogs are welcome.

Coffee and drinks are available for purchase.  $20 for non members, free for Gearhouse members! Memberships available at this event starting at $20/month.