Up close view of ridges on a record.

When was the last time you heard classical music live? Emerald City Music is Seattle’s home for
eclectic, open-bar classical music shows featuring the world’s best musicians.

In our busy world, rest comes with a price. 17th Century Count Keyserling was no stranger to
restlessness. He suffered from insomnia and had hired a fourteen year-old boy, Johann Gottlieb
Goldberg, to play for him during his sleepless nights. Johann Sebastian Bach – now considered
one of the greatest composers of all time – happened to be the music teacher of the young
Goldberg and was requested by the Count to write some harpsichord pieces for Goldberg to
play whenever he could not sleep. Bach produced this set of Variations based on this request,
and Emerald City Music will offer these iconic works arranged for string trio.