Are you curious about how healing happens? Or how lessons from the Bible can bring peace, healing, and solutions to everyday needs? We invite you to explore ideas about spirituality and Christian Science at an upcoming talk by Beth Packer, CS. Sponsored by the First Church of Christ, Scientist, Seattle.

This is a talk full of heart and practical application. Through analogies and healing examples, we discover where genuine security in our lives really comes from. The knowledge that there is a divine Principle underlying our lives that, when relied on, consistently brings peace and goodness to our lives, has been known and proved for centuries. We see that, by looking to God, Spirit, instead of materiality, the people in the Bible found reliable peace, healing, and solutions to their everyday needs. And the discovery of the Science of Christ, by Mary Baker Eddy, shows how we too can experience this same peace, security, and healing in our lives. It brings us to the realization that, we can no more run out of the good that we need than we can run out of God’s love for us.