beach scene

Take a closer look into the secret worlds of the intertidal zone with scientists and coauthors of ‘Between the Tides in Washington and Oregon’ and ‘Between the Tides in California.’

A spectacular variety of life flourishes between the ebb and flow of high and low tide. Anemones talk to each other through chemical signaling, clingfish grip rocks and resist the surging tide, and bioluminescent dinoflagellates–single-celled algae–light up disturbances in the shallow water like glowing fingerprints. In this visual presentation, you’ll learn about the hidden workings of the natural world of the shoreline; the scientific forces that shape the diversity of life at beaches and tidepools; popular and off-the-beaten-track sites to visit along the Greater Salish Sea, Puget Sound, and Washington coasts; and fascinating stories behind both common and less familiar species found on the shoreline–perfect for beachgoers who want to know why.