Black and white photograph by Ansel Adams of the Grant Tetons.

Experience the power of nature though the lens of America’s most revered photographer. Ansel Adams profoundly influenced the course of 20th century photography through the example of his lavish and technically precise images, as well as by his devotion to advancing photography as an art form with his uniquely innovative approach to the medium.

This traveling exhibit, organized by The Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, CA, in association with Landau Traveling Exhibitions in Los Angeles, CA, features a collection of 48 photographs by Ansel Adams. Hand-selected, late in his life, the photographs serve as a representation of what Adams deemed the best work of his career. Called “The Museum Set,” the featured photographs reveal the importance Adams placed on the awe-inspiring power and beauty of the natural world.

Generous support for Ansel Adams: Masterworks in Seattle is made possible by Laird Norton Wealth Management, Mike Repass, the Hugh and Jane Ferguson FoundationThe Norcliffe Foundation, Maureen Frisch, and the MOHAI Exhibits Fund.