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September 27 Events

September 1 - February 1, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Fred Hutch Research Study Exploring the Common Cold

Do you have a lot of colds and wonder why? Do you never get colds? If you are around kids and want to help us answer these questions, please join our study.

Help us understand why some people get sick from the common cold more than others. We are currently recruiting about 200 people to participate in our study. We hope that this study may provide information to help with designing a vaccine for Rhinovirus or for other viruses. Rhinoviruses are responsible for causing 30-50% of common colds.  Some people report getting a lot of colds each year while others report never getting sick.

This study will compare the immune response to the common cold (rhinovirus) between people who feel like they rarely have cold symptoms versus those who have them more often.  We hope that by closely following the body’s specific immune responses in someone who has exposure to the common cold, we can better understand which responses may be required for a successful vaccine against the common cold.

More information can be found here.

September 27, 7:00 pm, Capital One Café

Experience Local Artist Performances

Every Friday between 12PM to 2PM at Capital One Cafe in South Lake Union, experience local artist performances.  The events are free and open to the public and also offer free food.  Come check it out before the last performance held on October 25.

Artists and their dates are as follows:

9/27- TBASA (

10/4 – Alie Byland (

10/11 – Eric Blu (

10/18 – Scott Concinnity of Letters From Traffic (

10/25 – Michael Wilmarth

September 24 - December 7, MadArt


MadArt presents Lure, a site-specific installation by artists/architects Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of Dream the Combine, in collaboration with Seattle-based artist/engineer Clayton Binkley. Inspired by the interplay of light, people, and the architectural environment of MadArt Studio, Lure explores how the gallery engages with public space. The structure—both object and environment, lure and trap—consists of hovering pathways formed by steel supports and sliding opacities of mesh and plaster. Visitors step from the sidewalk directly into the artwork, instantly becoming immersed in a looping circulatory system that encourages exploration, curiosity, and reciprocal engagement between the form and its audiences.

Open Studio (open during construction/installation):

September 24 – October 17

Tues-Fri 12-5pm

Opening Reception:

October 17 @ 6pm

Exhibition Period:

October 18 – December 7

Tues-Fri 10am – 5pm, Sat 12-5pm

Artist Talk:

Wednesday, October 30 @ 6pm

UW Architecture Hall Room 147

Photo credit: Pablo Enriquez courtesy of MoMA PS1, and the work is titled “Hide and Seek”

September 10 - October 30, Winston Wachter


Winston Wächter Fine Art Seattle is pleased to announce our fifth solo exhibition with painter Tracy Rocca. The inspiration for this body of work comes from Rocca’s extensive travels through the Rocky Mountains with her family – specifically Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Tetons and Glacier. The compositions are all based on Rocca’s photographs and memories from these family adventures. From each photographic reference point, Rocca then strips away the instantly recognizable details of the landscape in an attempt to present the viewer with a small sense of what it might feel like to be at the foot of the Tetons, or to stand in awe in a deep glacial valley. Rocca’s ethereal, abstract paintings are carefully built up over time to achieve their characteristic luminosity and unique sense of depth. Her painting process is slow and methodical, using layers of oil and pigment to delicately build and blur the paint into soft transitions of color and glowing light. Her blurred images, which are rooted in landscape, seek to soften our attention and create a space where the mind can rest. Through her dreamy compositions, Rocca draws the viewer in to a meditative focus on nature.

Tracy Rocca’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and is included in the United States Embassies Collection, the Microsoft Art Collection, the Ritz Carlton and the University of New Mexico Collection.

September 27-29, SLU Discovery Center

Cowabunga 2019


FRIDAY 9/27 | 6:30–9:30PM

Dive into the great tastes of the Pacific Northwest. From the ranch to the river, top Seattle chefs present delectable seafood selections alongside sizzling hot steak bites. Pairings from premier Washington wineries, craft brews, and live local music. COME ONE, COME ALL. Featuring Rivers Farms.
Benefiting Seattle Theatre Group

$125 GA | $150 Early Admission (30 mins.) | 21+ only



Jay Blackinton, Hogstone and ÆLDER, Orcas Island (James Beard Award Nominee and Food & Wine Best New Chef)
Raymond Southern, Kingfish, Orcas Island (opening soon)
Eric Rivera, Addo
Nick Coffey, Ursa Minor, Lopez Island
Melissa Miranda, Musang
Tana Mielke & Tamara Murphy, Terra Plata, Limeña
Cody Farrell, Bastille
Jason Aldous, Friday Harbor House, San Juan Island
Charles Celestial, Japonessa Sushi Cocina
David Buchanan, Blackfish Wild Salmon Grill & Bar
Rhys Nunnelee, Tankard & Tun
Maslow’s by FareStart
Claire Montana Cooks


SATURDAY 9/28 | 12–3PM

A showcase of the town’s best BBQ bites getting low and slow with prime cuts of beef. Plus, superlative craft brews to wash them down, a robust selection of Washington wines, whiskey tastings, signature cocktails, exceptional culinary demos, live entertainment, and more!

$75 GA | $100 Early Admission (30 mins.) | 21+ only



Jason Aldous, Friday Harbor House
Kyle Brierley, Briley’s BBQ
Tiffany Ran, BaBaLio Taiwanese pop-up
Seamus Platt, The Shambles
Rajah Gargour, Cafe Munir
Colin Sabatelli, Frank’s Oyster House
Pike Brewing Company
Gary Max, The Pike Pub
Jasper Rei Balinas, ASIN
Acme Ice Cream
Claire Montana Cooks


SATURDAY 9/28 | 7:30–10:30PM

STEAK & CAKE! Saturday night’s event channels the luxury of the classic American steak house, with world-renowned Snake River Farms beef bites prepared by Seattle’s all-star chefs paired with a robust selection of Washington wines, a bourbon competition, signature cocktails, live music, karaoke and late-night burlesque.
CAKEABUNGA COMPETITION: A night of steak should end with cake! For dessert, a bevy of bakers will slice up a competition you won’t want to miss!
Benefiting Seattle Theatre Group

$125 GA | $150 Early Admission (30 mins.) | 21+ only



Red Cow by Ethan Stowell
Chef Delwyn Brooks, Gold Bar Cocina
Jack Timmons, Jack’s BBQ
Ryuichi Nakano, Sankai
Josh Delgado, Le Coin
Heong Soon Park, Chan
Jeremy Taisey, Tula Bene Pastaria + Chophouse
Ben Jones, Alderbrook Resort
Claire Montana Cooks
Acme Ice Cream


SUNDAY 9/29 | 12–4PM

Seattle’s favorite burgers, beef bites, and game-day nosh, a showcase of the city’s best between-a-bun. Featuring top regional beef from across the state, beer, signature cocktail pairings, premier Washington wines, fabulous entertainment, and more! Celebrate away-day with us, tailgate style.
Benefiting Seattle Theatre Group

$75 GA | $100 Early Admission (30 mins.) | 21+ only



Nikki DeGidio, Lucky Santo
Paul Osher, Porkchop & Co
Jan Parker, Jan Parker Cookery
Lil’ Woody’s
Little Big Burger
Hurry Curry
Claire Montana Cooks


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