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June 1-2, 9:00 am, Glazer's Camera

Glazer's 10th Annual Photofest

Glazer’s is excited to present: Photofest 10!

At Glazer’s, they believe that photography and filmmaking are more inspiring when share. It’s more than just posting an image or video to social media, sharing means stepping out from behind our viewfinders and computer screens to truly engage with others that share our passions. Every day Glazer’s has the opportunity to work with their customers, vendors and friends. They have the privilege of meeting the interesting personalities, hearing each unique story, and of course seeing the stunning work everyone creates. Bot too rarely, in today’s world, do each of you have the same opportunity to come together as a community.

Now in its 10th year, Photofest continues to exceed the wildest expectations. It has become so much more than great deal and sneak peeks. Photofest includes a broad spectrum of free lectures, workshops, photowalks and product demonstrations, helping this event to have an even larger purpose. It gives us all: professionals, enthusiasts, and weekend warriors alike, a chance to reconnect not only to our work, but to each other. Image-making and visual storytelling capture moments that are fleeting, but the relationships we build along the way endure.

June 1, 11:00 am, South Lake Union

South Lake Union Saturday Market 2019

It’s how Seattle does Saturday brunch. South Lake Union’s All Food Market, a refreshing European-style market place for locals and tourists alike.  The SLU Saturday Market can be found on 9th Ave. N. and Denny Way. Open 11-4pm every Saturday. South Lake Union is the creative and cultural heart of Seattle, where you can shop and eat 100% local on Saturdays. Featuring some of Seattle’s finest street food, farm fresh goods, and purveyors on one street. 

June 1, 10:00 am, Museum of History and Industry

(Re)Fashion: Clothing Repair Fair

Refuse fast fashion and reclaim your clothes!

Join our region’s top clothing saviors, including experts from Eileen Fisher Renew and UNIONBAY, as they demonstrate how to mend and restore cherished articles from your wardrobe.

Watch the repair process up close (including both hand and machine sewing), find out how to reuse denim, and contribute to an interactive art piece.

Drop-in to a mending demonstration during the fair, or purchase tickets to a hands-on repair workshop led by Erin Eggenburg and Shan Sparling.

For disability accommodations, please contact programs@mohai.orgtwo weeks prior to the event.

Location: MOHAI

Cost: Free for MOHAI members / Included with museum admission

May 31 - August 3, Winston Wachter

Peter Gronquist SEARCHER

Peter Gronquist is a multimedia, multidisciplinary artist. If you ask one to “describe the work,” the answer is never simple. Gronquist uses ceramics, painting, VR, 3d printing and video to express a common thread of exploration. For Gronquist, it is the endless possibilities in the creation of art that interests him most. He has no rules and does not tie himself to any outside expectations. In his exhibition Searcher, Gronquist explores light as an added material to his paintings. Using Plexiglas as part of the work rather than protection for it, he plays with the way light is reflected and projected off the matte surface of the paintings. His paintings seem to glow from within. Further playing with the sense of what is and what is not, Gronquist adds led lighting to some but not to others. With each painting we are compelled to stop and absorb.

Alongside his paintings Gronquist shares his series “A Visual History of the Invisible.” In these works he again uses a natural element, air, to express his curiosity. This series attempts to capture the shapes and constant presence of the wind. His large-scale outdoor fabric installations are filmed digitally, creating a mesmerizing presentation of the rhythm of the wind. Smaller scale fabrics are caught mid flow and preserved in resin and silver nitrate. The forms play with both light and air. They are Gronquist’s limitlessness encapsulated. The wonder of the natural world is clear throughout the Searcher.

Born 1979 in the United States, Peter Gronquist lives and works in Portland, OR. He attended the School of Visual Art New York and received a BA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2001. He has exhibited in New York, London, Miami. Peter’s work has been published in GQ Magazine, Hyperallergic, Wired and he was recently named one of the top 15 new artists to collect by Business Insider.


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20 million gallons

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