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April 28, 12:00 pm, REI

Tunes at Noon

Tunes at Noon at your local REI store is part of our 96 Hours of Cycle event—our way of celebrating and inspiring a life on two wheels.

Join us Sunday, April 28, from noon to 4pm for live music, food & beverages, short how-to sessions with our expert bike techs, bike-themed games & more!

Also during our entire 96 Hours of Cycle, April 26 through Monday, April 29, you can get discounts on a basic tuneup for your bike, no matter where you got it. Just bring your bike in and we’ll put it in a queue, then give you a call as soon as it’s ready. Check out our discounts on selected bike gear, classes and trips, too. Ride on.

April 8 - May 18, MadArt

Reflect and Gather

Reflect and Gather
By George Rodriguez

Open Studio: April 8 – 24  (artwork under construction; studio open to the public)
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 25 @ 5pm
Exhibition Period: April 26 – May 18
Artist Talk: Saturday, May 1 @ 1pm

MadArt Studio presents Reflect and Gather by Seattle-based ceramicist, George Rodriguez. Rodriguez’s practice is rooted in cultural inquiry, in which mythological lore, color composition, architectural texture, and distinct ornamentation combine in sculptural form to reflect the varied influences of his own heritage and time abroad. In this exhibition, he expands his object-based practice to include intimate, immersive, installation-based works that embody his distinctive style but in new forms.

Reflect and Gather is a series of compact rooms, each comprised of over 1,000 handmade decorative relief tiles, and individualized through a variance in color, texture, and method of lighting. By stimulating the viewer’s visual faculty in an overabundance of ornamentation, Rodriguez creates an environment of disarming stillness and meditation. In addition to his collection of ornately-tiled rooms, he also incorporates a participatory component by leaving a solid wet clay room which records visitors’ movement and physical intentions within the space. Referencing the urban architectural plaza, the rooms are adjoined by a community gathering space created through an assemblage of decorative statues, columns, and benches. This will provide a space for visitors to congregate, reflect, and contribute to the installation.


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