August 14

Sweat Equity

Work your way to better health at these neighborhood fitness spots.

A walk, jog, or quick bike around Lake Union’s Cheshiahud Loop can be a relaxing way to exercise, but sometimes we need an extra push to motivate ourselves to better health. Taking a class regularly can help keep you accountable and can also add another community to your life. Luckily, South Lake Union is home to a variety of fitness studios offering different levels of interesting workouts. Check out these studios to find your ideal fitness fam:


Barry’s Bootcamp

Neighborhood newcomer Barry’s Bootcamp has a reputation for being one tough workout. Known for its high-intensity interval training and signature red room, Barry’s offers sweat-inducing and muscle-shaking sessions full of hill climbs, sprints, and strength training. Instructors at Barry’s focus on a different muscle group each day of the week. 112 Westlake Ave. N.


Cyclebar’s class offerings are tailored to all experience levels. If you’re just getting started, Cyclebar recommends its Classic rides (a balanced mixed of strength and endurance) or Connect rides (no races, no leaderboards—just you, the music, and choreography). Performance classes include CycleStats technology that keeps track of performance and improvements and sends email updates after classes. 1288 Harrison St.

Ivan Salaverry MMA

While sport and fitness is the focus at Ivan Salaverry MMA, its curriculum also provides opportunities for self-defense and personal development. The studio’s experienced instructors teach Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, boxing, judo, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. You can try out any single class for free before committing to a membership. 230 Eighth Ave. N.

Row House

Set to open on August 22, this new studio features a 45-minute full-body rowing experience. Rowing builds aerobic endurance and muscular strength with low impact exercise. Row House’s six class types include House (functional floor-based movements between rowing); Body (dumbbells are used between alternating rowing intervals); Full Row (endurance-based interval rowing); Stroke (teaching you proper row techniques); Restore (dynamic stretches in-between rowing); and Power (challenging aerobic session driven by high-energy music and bursts of interval training). 419 Fairview Ave. N.

Story by Ethan Chung and photos courtesy of Barry’s Bootcamp

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