June 25

Pure Chill

The Sitka apartment community takes apartment living into the great outdoors.

Green spaces and a oneness with nature can be hard to come by for residents that live in the city core. Sitka, a new full-block, mixed-use residence located at 1255 Harrison Street in SLU, attempts to solve this by redefining urban living with its unique design and thoughtful sustainability. Sitka is one of three sister properties that include Alley24 and Stack House.

The centerpiece of Sitka’s layout is its tranquil San Juan Island-inspired courtyard. A bubbling pond with stepping stones, decorative driftwood, Sitka spruce trees, and landscaping meant to thrive in the Pacific Northwest’s climate are strategically placed throughout.

The pièce de résistance of the courtyard is the Island Treehouse, a resident amenity that serves as a community space and retreat. Its 220 square feet of usable interior space is as gorgeous as its exterior. Daniel Mihalyo of Lead Pencil Studio, the company primarily responsible for design and construction of the Treehouse, said the structure was made with shipbuilding techniques of “lofting” interconnected light-gauge steel plates, giving it an upside-down boat appearance. Residents can enjoy the Treehouse’s two booth seating areas, a gas fireplace, bookcases, a custom sink, sliding barn doors, a balcony, green roof, and a dormer with a casement window.

Other Sitka amenities include a stunning rooftop garden, a lobby lounge, a pet lounge, fitness center, club room with a full kitchen and billiards table, and a 24-hour fitness center, not to mention close access to some of the neighborhood’s best restaurants and bars. Sitka offers a variety of layouts and price points, including a 501-square-foot open one-bedroom to a 1354-square-foot two bedroom, two bath apartment home.

Story by Ethan Chung and photographs by Michael Walmsley and Brent Smith.

At The Center

SLU is the geographical center of Seattle