January 28

Elegant Environments

Two new exhibits showcase artful landscape depictions.

Winston Wachter Fine Art’s latest exhibitions cover similar subject matters, but each takes a different approach to portraying the world around us.

Philip Govedare: New Works is a solo exhibition featuring intricate, layered landscapes by the titular artist. His paintings are meant to evoke questions about human interactions with nature and demonstrate how our activity can affect the planet.

“My work is a response to landscape that is vast in scale and inspires the imagination to contemplate our place in the world, what came before us and what lies ahead. While my paintings may elicit questions about our role in nature and the transformation of the earth’s surface, they are above all, a celebration of the beauty and mystery of the earth and the natural world we inhabit,” said Govedare.

Govedare’s work is on display through February 28 in Winston Wachter’s West Gallery.

In the main gallery, photographer and travel writer Jessica Cantlin has a number of photographs on display in her exhibition, Latitude. The artist documents contrasting locations (Iceland and Brazil in this exhibit), exploring how dramatic weather conditions produce an array of light and color.

Latitude runs through March 10, and you can read and view Cantins work at feedmywanderlust.com.

Story by Ethan Chung and photographs courtesy of Winston Wachter Fine Art.

At The Center

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