September 17

District H

A taste of Korea comes to SLU.

Move over Whole Foods and Kai Market—there’s a new grocer in the neighborhood. District H, a Korean grocery store and food hall, just opened up at 101 Terry Avenue North, just a half block northwest of Denny and Westlake. District H is part of Korean supermarket chain H Mart, which has locations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The grocery section offers a nice selection of fresh produce, including tropical fruits and harder-to-find ingredients used in many Korean dishes (hello, Korean chives). Thinly sliced meats for Korean barbecue, a variety of fresh and dried noodles (so much ramen), snacks, and more round out District H’s neatly organized aisles

The big attraction here is for the lunch crowd—District H has four different dining stations. The Grab + Go space features a selection of Korean sushi, poke bowls, to-go udon noodle soup, plus a deli section that sells freshly made Korean pancakes, fried octopus, and other delectables. Simply grab what you want or order deli items from an attendant and pay at the front. In addition, District H hosts a Steam Station for mandu (kimchi dumplings, beef dumplings, dumpling soup), The Bop (made-to-order Korean sushi, bibimbop), and Grill Station (Korean short ribs, grilled spicy chicken, pork belly, whole squid). You can order at kiosks on the main floor, and pick up your order at the appropriate station.

If you’re looking for something sweet or want to add some extra carbs into your day, Tous Les Jours, a South Korean bakery chain, is tucked away near the grill and bop stations. Find everything from croissants and savory buns to fruit tarts, cakes, and more in this bustling little bakery.

Story and photographs by Ethan Chung.

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