December 4

Comfort Cooking

Cozy up with some tasty neighborhood eats this winter.

With our gray days, chilly rains, and the occasional “Seattle Freeze,” our city is fit for delicious comfort food. From savory chowders to southern fried chicken, kimchi fried rice, and more, SLU is home to its fair share of food that warm your belly and your soul. Check out some of these popular SLU dishes.

Tenderest tenders

Jack’s Chicken Shack recently opened up in the pop-up space right next to Jack’s BBQ in the 9th and Thomas building. Head here for fresh, buttermilk-brined fried chicken tenders that hold a satisfyingly crispy crust. 228 Ninth Ave. N.

Bird's eye view of a fried chicken dinner with all the sides.

Mouthwatering Japanese curry

Hurry Curry of Tokyo is one of the few places in Seattle that you can find raisu kari, or curry rice. This balanced sweet and spicy curry is inspired by Indian and French cuisine. Here, it’s slathered all over fried dishes like katsu (chicken cutlet) or tonkotsu (pork cutlet). Vegetarian options are available. 825 Harrison St.

Award-winning chowder

Duke’s Seafood features a selection of award-winning chowders, but its “Grand Duchess” of chowders, the Lobster Mobster Pernod Chowder, might be the best version in SLU of a food giving a warm hug. The soup is full of chunky piece of baby langoustine and sweet potatoes, offering a nice balance of sweet and savory flavors. 1111 Fairview Ave. N.

Rice is nice

The Korean and Hawaiian inspired Marination is a popular for its kalua pork tacos and spam sliders, but the comfort pick here is the kimchi fried rice. The pickle-y, slightly spicy rice is topped with a sunny egg and mixed with kalua pork, spicy pork, tofu, miso chicken, or kalbi beef. 2000 Sixth Ave.

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Story by Ethan Chung and photographs courtesy Jack’s BBQ and Duke’s Restaurant & Bar.

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