Uptown Espresso

Home of the Velvet Foam

Located in Seattle’s hottest business district, home of Amazon.com and hot biotechs, it frequently serves as the meeting place for the neighborhood’s movers and shakers. South Lake Union is the largest Uptown Espresso store (measured by square feet).

Seating: Indoor & Outdoor
Wireless: Yes
Meeting Room: Yes (for customer use only, sign up in the store)

In the early 1980s, Seattle grabbed the “Hip” crown as it profoundly influenced music, fashion, business and language. Grunge music emerged and was known worldwide as the “Seattle Sound” and the uniform was Seattle inspired flannel. Microsoft was releasing Windows 1.0 releasing the power of the PC. A new language with terms like “double tall” told the story of people enjoying coffee exactly as they desired prepared with expert attention to detail.

At the bottom of Seattle’s historic and swanky Queen Anne Hill neighborhood, in a district known as Uptown, a small coffee shop, Uptown Espresso began attracting an avid following of descerning coffee drinkers. Uptown’s customers discovered a remarkable experience made possible by expert baristas, a proprietary coffee roast, a cool atmosphere and something called Velvet Foam. The October 2010 Seattle Magazine stated that Uptown Espresso “…did introduce Seattle to the silky foamed milk…so we might want to consider giving them a key to the city”.

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