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Dine in for a memorable dining experience. Order online to enjoy Teinei dishes at home.

The word “teinei” can be translated as “with care and politeness.” It embodies the essence of Japanese service standards, often cited as the highest in the world. Teinei’s goal is to bring that first-rate service to Seattle in its South Lake Union restaurant.

Owner Minoru Ido says this sense of care and politeness transcends all levels of Japan’s restaurant business, even the fast-food sector.“Think about those restaurants in Japan that serve beef bowls, orgyudon,”Ido says. “Green onions and sliced beef sit deliciously on a steaming moundof white rice. The staff is friendly and prompt. The restaurant is clean.And the meal costs about $3! This sort of high cost performance,which is expected in Japan, can be a big challenge for restaurant owners.And I want to replicate that sense of care and politeness at Teinei.