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Two guys who like to eat meat thought that cooking vegeTABLEs was more exciting. We know we aren’t the first to do this, but we hope you try us out anyways (and, the restaurant name sounds like ‘label’, in case you were wondering).


Is made with lots of love and care. We cut and brine our fresh pickles, grind and hand form all our burger patties, and hand cut all our potatoes. Our staff works hard to ensure that your food tastes great, and gets you out our doors and back to your life as quickly as possible!


We make our staff a priority in a number ways. Some of these are by paying them above the full Seattle minimum wage and by subsidizing their public transportation needs. Our prices reflect this, and while we are very thankful that you would like to leave an additional gratuity we would encourage you use it instead for your next visit to ‘TABLE!