Maslow's by Farestart

One person, one job, one community at a time.

Maslow’s features small and large classic American plates made fresh daily. All ingredients on our menu are housemade, sustainable and local, as available.  Our work is based on three beliefs. That food is central to our emotional, physical, and economic well-being. That people have incredible capacity to transform their lives when they have the right tools and support. And solutions that provide real value to a community have the best hope of lasting.

Poverty is a perpetual cycle—especially for people who are homeless, in recovery, or previously incarcerated. For them, finding and keeping a job is a huge struggle. At FareStart, we help people overcome the barriers to employment by developing the work and life skills they need to have lifelong careers. In turn, their amazing talent and hard work fuels our social enterprise restaurants, cafes, catering and community meals programs. Everybody wins: Our Community gets great food. Our students get better lives.

Motivation fuels us all. It drives us to achieve our goals and realize our potential. In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed the theory of the Hierarchy of Needs. He believed that all people, regardless of economic status or cultural background, seek to fulfill their basic needs before moving on to the next level. This hierarchy ranges from the most basic, such as food, shelter and security, to social acceptance, esteem and self-actualization.

FareStart helps people transform their lives through food – one person, one job and one community at a time – providing real solutions to poverty, homelessness and hunger. Our foodservice training and job placement programs offer participants the opportunity to develop new skills and gain practical work experience, while contributing to the community at large.

Welcome to Maslow’s. Thank you for being part of the solution.

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