Hourglass Escapes provides real life adventure games in which players are in a room and must use clues and objects they find to solve a mystery or set of puzzles. Each Hourglass Escapes game has a specific set time limit to reach a goal or “escape” from the room or situation.

Hourglass Escapes provides a great team building exercise and family friendly fun. It’s basically a 60 min live action movie with you as the star.

Each game is a complete story requiring players to solve all challenges in 60 minutes or less. The Hourglass Escapes mission is to deliver a fun, immersive, compelling, and challenging experience for all adventurers.

We have evening shows Monday through Thursday at 7:30 pm,  Friday from 6:30-11 pm,  and weekends from 11am – 10pm.

Weekday daytime shows are available by calling us.

What is an escape room?