Dignity for Divas is the only organization in the region addressing the homelessness crisis through the lens of self-care. From self-care comes opportunities for rebuilding, personal growth and ultimately, self-sufficiency.

The Dream Academy will provide direct self-care resources for women, ages 18-85, who are experiencing homelessness.

The academy is a 6,843 square foot building complete with a café, meditation room and classroom settings which will allow us to provide wellness services. Those include skill and life building sessions in a holistic healing environment.

The Dream Academy will provide counseling services, resume building classes, technology training and interpersonal skills which will help women obtain employment and eventually housing. Our unique workshops are also designed to help women overcome trauma and gain tools to help them live a more purposeful life. In addition to women needing housing, we also support recently housed women removing barriers which often lead back to homelessness.