Group of parents and kids at a table working on a craft project.

Our homeschool families love to learn at the museum! MoPOP offers a unique opportunity for homeschooled students and their families to participate in thematic, hands-on experiences centered on the museum’s exhibits and content.

Each homeschool day features a different student-centered workshop led by a professional teaching artist, a guided gallery experience, and free time to explore our exciting and interactive exhibits. Your family will be encouraged to work together, ask questions, and engage with our museum’s content.

What can we learn about characters from the clothes they wear? With Seattle Fashion Academy director Candace Cantaloupe, we’ll explore how costume designers utilize mood boards to define lines, colors, and textures that convey key visual cues about characters and stories. Mood boards guide the design process, help designers focus on the story or direction of a specific fashion line, and define characters or common story elements. In this workshop, students will examine how designers enhance character development by creating their own character mood boards. Students will select a color palette, fabric swatches, and visual references in order to visually portray their character’s role and personality.