Students of this course will leave with a new perspective on LED and other continuous lighting and the tools to hone their own unique style. We will cover a variety of topics including LED light types, making LED lights behave like natural light, and how to use a variety of light shaping tools to overcome obstacles on a live food set in the classroom. The class will begin with an in-depth lecture, followed by a live set demonstration after which students will be encouraged to try some shots for themselves. Students are encouraged to bring their favorite lens and camera combination.

About Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen is an award-winning food photographer with a background in food styling, directing, audio production, 3D modeling, and VFX. His multi-faceted approach to visual creations allow any creative vision to take shape. Steve began his food-centric career as a cook at some of the world’s top restaurants including Le Cirque, Restaurant Daniel, and The Herbfarm. Looking to apply his knowledge as a visual artist, he established his first photography studio in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.


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