Artist sketch book with urban color pencil drawings on some of the pages.

Show of hands, please: Who is just a wee bit tired of pandemics, hanging out at home, and binge-watching Netflix? Same here.

So allow us to invite you to join us in a fully vaccinated, socially distanced, Lysol-powered — but otherwise in-person — workshop where we’ll trek around Myrtle Edwards Park in search of some urban scenes to sketch. This CDC-approved way of assuring your physical health will almost certainly do some positive things for your mental health, as well. So make plans to join us. Like, you know, really join us.

In this one-day workshop, we’ll walk you (literally) through the basics of urban sketching, as you create a sketchbook drawing from start to finish. The class will meet on the roof deck at SVC in Lower Queen Anne to talk about the basics of urban sketching. Then we’ll walk together to the Seattle Art Museum’s Sculpture Garden, Myrtle Edwards Park, and Centennial Park to sketch on location. Your instructor, Rachel Fisher, will demonstrate the steps of bringing an urban sketch to life, and be on hand to help guide you through creating your own drawings. At the end of the day, we’ll share our sketches with one another, and leave with lots of inspiration and tips for starting your own practice as an urban sketcher. Here are a few of the skills you can expect to pick up:

  • How to choose a great sketching location
  • Tips for composing a scene
  • Using a line drawing as your starting point
  • Enhancing your line drawing with watercolors
  • Meeting other urban sketchers and adding to your sketchbook
  • The urban sketcher’s mobile studio inventory list

See the supply list in the course outline.

Note: This class will be taught outdoors in-person observing social-distancing protocols.