***ATTENTION: we will be holding our event on TUESDAY instead of Thursday this month ONLY, because of the Thanksgiving holidays!!***

Type Thursday Seattle is a monthly meet-up for everybody who loves letterforms: typography, calligraphy, lettering, type design, sign painting, even ceramic letters and more!

Each month we welcome four brave practitioners who are willing to present one of their current projects for an audience-participation crit session. Bring us your unfinished projects, and since it is almost Thanksgiving, why don’t you bring the festive ones as well? If you are interested, please email our Critique Lead at [email protected].

The structure of the three-hour evening event is an hour of networking and socializing, then an hour of crits, and finally another hour of mingling, talking, and more networking.

Before you ask, yes, we will have beer! And wine, and pizza, and, if you are lucky, some Brazilian cheesy bread. Unfortunately, no turkeys. But you can get that on Thursday, can’t you?

See you soon!