Kids rowing handmade boats in a lake for fun.

You are invited to join the Center for Wooden Boats to support our youth camp “Quick and Daring” on Fridays, 7/14, 7/21, 8/11, 9/1.

Watch our campers put their own handmade boats to the test at 2pm on the west side of  Lake Union Park near the beach.

“Quick and Daring” is a camp that promotes woodworking, sailing, and teamwork skills as campers build their own seaworthy vessel. Throughout the week students not only learn basic woodworking skills and boat design, but they will expand upon their teamwork and creativity. The week ends with a climatic race as campers see who will cross the finish line first- or in most cases a fierce competition of whose boat sinks the last!

Watch the boat launch of the year in the shallow waters of South Lake Union, as campers dare to defy the odds and make their very own boats float. Come to this lively event and strengthen your own Seattle community while finding a family among the Center for Wooden Boats.