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This week on It’s Coming from Inside the House!, MoPOP’s Horror Film Watchalong: Join Manager of Public Engagement Robert Rutherford for a livestream discussion and watchalong of found footage horror classic The Blair Witch Project, with special guests co-director Eduardo Sanchez and producers Gregg Hale and Michael Monello.


Re-invigorating the “found footage” movement in horror, The Blair Witch Project showed how much could be done with a well-crafted mystery and word-of-mouth buzz. Shot for a slim $60,000, the film went on to gross more than 240 million dollars, and its stylistic imprints on the genre are still visible today.

The Blair Witch Project comes in at #79 on MoPOP’s 100 Horror Films to See Before You Die.


Here are a handful of program elements that you can expect to see this Friday night:

  • Pre-film introduction from Robert Rutherford, MoPOP’s Manager of Public Engagement, and several of the filmmakers who brought The Blair Witch Project to life — co-director Eduardo Sanchez and producers Gregg Hale and Michael Monello.
  • Spotlight on artifacts from The Blair Witch Project on display in MoPOP’s Scared to Death exhibition.
  • Cocktails, mocktails, and beer pairing recommendations
  • Chat with Robert, the filmmakers, and other fans during the film
  • Post-film Q&A and discussion with the filmmakers

If you own a copy of the film, get it queued up! Otherwise, find The Blair Witch Project online and register here to join us at 7 p.m. PT this Friday!