A series of movies designed to showcase the concepts and art in Imagined Futures, an exhibition currently on display at Pivot Art + Culture, demonstrating how our visions of the future have changed over the decades.

April 28th | Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Robert Wise, 1979)

Marking the beginning of a durable Sci-Fi movie and TV franchise (now in its 50th year), Star Trek: The Motion Picture was designed by Robert McCall, and Tony Smith, with Douglas Trumbull as head of special effects. They all have work featured in Imagined Futures. The last great science fiction movie, Star Trek: TMP’s plot revolves around the crew of the USS Enterprise encountering an all-powerful machine intelligence from deep space that was, in fact, a returning 20th century Voyager space probe.

Note: All movies will be shown at 6pm in the Allen Institute Auditorium, prefaced with a short introduction by the exhibition curator Benedict Heywood.

Daily admission is $5, which includes gallery entry, and events. Please check in for all events at the front desk in the Pivot Art + Culture foyer.