Girl with hands up in the air while snow falls down.

Time to get stoked for winter, check out how Gearhouse can get you into the snow easier than ever AND win some prizes along the way!

Let’s turn it up and get the snow gods listening! It’s PRAY FOR SNOW time!

We’ll get the stoke going for winter by bundling all our favourite backcountry and snow-going partners together and having one hell of a ho-down.

This year we have an incredible Resort to Backcountry program, with awesome pricing and access to gear.

The addition of new snow gear and beginner snow programming.

Cross-country Ski progressions and more!!

Wear your best ski costume to win a prize!

  • Course and new gear announced
  • Special offers on membership
  • Raffle
  • Mini-workshops
  • Vendors from snow gear, ski equipment, big brands, outdoor specialists, and our own awesome members.

RSVP and stay tuned on social media.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! We’ll see you there!