Chef Instructor Bridget Charters, Hot Stove’s resident pasta expert, has a big crush on Jenn Louis’ magnificent cookbook, Pasta by Hand.

If you want to learn how to make Italy’s regional hand-shaped pasta this is the class for you!  No specialized equipment is needed to form these delicious pasta shapes made from simple, good ingredients – just your own two hands.

As Bridget demos, you’ll enjoy a substantial taste of each pasta with an appropriate sauce. (Bridget will discuss the sauces, but they will not be demoed in this class.)  Then the fun begins as you roll up your sleeves and shape all four of these pastas hands-on. We’ll pack up what you make and you can take it home.
A glass of wine or beer is included.

What You’ll Learn: (all 4 pastas are both demo and hands-on)

  • Malloreddus-also known as Sardinian gnocchi, are similar to cavatelli but with a toothsome texture that comes from semolina- you will taste this with gorgonzola cream
  • Trofie- these slightly chewy pasta made with semolina are also known as Ligurian dumplings- you will taste this with pesto
  • Pinci- rustic, handmade pasta strands almost the thickness of a pencil- you will taste this with ragu
  • Orecchiette- small, handmade pasta with the texture and weight of a handmade dumpling- you will taste this with tomato sauce

If you have a question about this class, please contact [email protected].

Price: $90