Cartoon graphic of the movie, 'Child's Play."

Get ready to have your heart warmed, your spirits lifted, and your hope restored: MoPOP’s new film series, The Comeback, is all about lifting up the underdog, the Hail Mary, the impossible victory.

In our latest installment of Movies at MoPOP, we’ll be covering cult films from all over the genre map that exemplify the uphill battle, and eventual victory of the unlikely Comeback. Join MoPOP’s very own Kasi Gaarenstroom and a special guest every month to watch unlikely heroes achieve the impossible. All films will be screened virtually.

After over a year of isolation and untold hardship, we hope this series inspires viewers to reflect on their own Comebacks in the last 18 months. Whether you got a new job, began a new hobby, or just made it through the pandemic as best as you could, we wanna hear your comeback stories.

Child’s Play –

“We’re friends ’til the end, remember?”

Little Andy is gifted a creepy looking doll, Chucky, by his well-meaning mom. When Chucky MURDERS Andy’s babysitter, Andy realizes Chucky is more than just scary looking…

R | 87 mins | Dir. Tom Holland | 1988