Kids playing instruments.

MEET YOUR INSTRUMENT DAY – when you pick your instrument!

Our Foundations class teachers will introduce and demonstrate all of the available instruments. Families attending our Meet Your Instrument Day will have priority when instrument assignments are made. A link to select instrument choice will be provided via email after the event. Students will be notified of their instrument assignment and will receive their instruments on the first day of Foundations.

Students will try out each of the following instruments throughout the day: flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, bass guitar, cello, violin or drums.

During this event, students will be given an instrument “passport” that they will fill out as they travel around to different instrument stations, trying out one instrument at a time. After visiting each table, students will be asked to select their top three instrument preferences. Once completed, they will turn in their “passport” in exchange for a slice of pizza!

Attendance at Meet Your Instrument Day is a REQUIRED EVENT in order to participate in the year long Foundations program.