>>This class will be held online until we can transition back to in-person learning.<<

Learning about letterpress printing when you can’t take an in-person class is definitely a challenge. But, until we can figure out how to deliver a 1,000 lb. Vandercook to you via the internet, we’ve got a better idea. Come take an SVC long-distance letterpress workshop, where you’ll pick up skills and a big dose of inspiration from some of the brightest stars in letterpress. We’ll start with the charismatic Mary Bruno of Bruno Press in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

$50 registration can be done here.

In this online demonstration, you’ll spend a couple of hours learning how to print a multicolor image from one linoleum block, Mary’s specialty. Through a series of progressive carvings and press runs, the image emerges while the actual linoleum block is destroyed. In a single two-hour session, Mary will explain her process as well as answer your live questions on the following:

  • Choosing the best type of images for reduction linocut printing
  • Transferring the image onto the linoleum block
  • Selecting the right carving tools and wielding them properly
  • Planning your color scheme and overprinting techniques to create multiple-colors
  • Visualizing the many stages your print will go through as your reduction cut progresses
  • Printing techniques at home or on a Vandercook cylinder press