Green acorn and leaves

The world is awash in photography, and yet this ubiquitous and essential imagery format seldom makes its way into modern letterpress printing.

For most printers, dealing with continuous-tone images has been frustrating. The need for the traditional halftone screen often produces coarse prints, difficult registration, and color issues. Through trial-and-error over the past ten years, Rebecca Chamlee has developed techniques to make the letterpress printing of four-color images not only possible but successful and beautiful.

In this technical workshop, we’ll explore the possibilities of letterpress as a means for producing successful four-color, continuous tone imagery. Rebecca will provide tips and tricks for four-color file prep, and then overprint the resulting photopolymer plates live in class. Join us for another information-packed, online Long-Distance Letterpress class as we explore:

  • The history of Rebecca’s intention and process to achieve innovative results
  • Choosing and editing, and color separating photographs in Photoshop
  • Soft proofing in InDesign
  • Preparing files for negative output and photopolymer plate making
  • Strategies for the letterpress printing of multiples in tight registration

All participants will receive a copy of the class project via snail mail.

International students: please email [email protected] to register.