Learning about letterpress printing when you can’t take an in-person class is definitely a challenge. But, until we can figure out how to deliver a 1,000 lb. Vandercook to you via the internet, we’ve got a better idea. Come take an SVC long-distance letterpress workshop, where you’ll pick up skills and a big dose of inspiration from some of the brightest stars in letterpress, and then receive a copy of the class project via snail mail. For at least a millennium, people have cut away a medium like wood, inked it, and printed from it—as veteran technology journalist and printing historian Glenn Fleishman will attest. Using a 2D laser cutter, such as a Glowforge, is a game-changing way to create relief printing plates in the 21st century.

$50 registration here.

In this live discussion and demonstration, you will get an overview of major milestones in printing history, and then learn how to marry 2D laser cutting to letterpress printing. Glenn will create some laser engraved and cut pieces in real-time, including a keepsake you’ll get in the mail, and answer all of your questions on the following:

  • Printing substrates used historically
  • Digital design software and tools used for laser cutting
  • Appropriate substrates and bases to use with lasers
  • How to calculate costs
  • When to use laser cutting versus engraving
  • Adhesives and materials to bring the printing plate to type-high level