If you love sushi, you probably eat in sushi restaurants on a regular basis. But did you know that you can learn how to make your own sushi at home?

Hot Stove Instructors Jamie Freedman and Doug Watkins will show you how in this hands-on sushi making class!

Jamie and Doug will instruct you in how to season rice, choose fish, cut vegetables, and make temaki and maki. They’ll also teach you about Shime-Saba (Japanese marinated mackerel) and Oshizushi (pressed sushi).

Then the Hot Stove team will lay out everything you need, and you’ll roll up your sleeves and have fun making your own temaki, maki, and spicy tuna rolls, hands-on.

Enjoy eating the sushi you make, or we’ll pack it up for you to take home.

A glass of wine or beer is included.

Welcome Taste:

  • Cucumber Sunomono with Shrimp and Miso Soup

What You’ll Learn:


  • Learn how to season rice
  • Learn how and where to select fish
  • Learn about fish sustainability and where to eat responsibly
  • Learn how to cut/scroll cucumbers, avocados, and carrots for your sushi
  • Learn about preparing Shime-Saba as Oshizushi (pressed sushi)

Hands-on and What You’ll eat:

  • Hot Stove will provide BBQ eel, albacore tuna, pre-seasoned rice, and vegetables and condiments
  • Practice your knife skills in avocado and cucumber slicing/scrolling
  • Make your own spicy tuna rolls or poke
  • Make your own temaki and maki
  • Enjoy eating the sushi you make and take home what you don’t eat in class

If you have a question about this class, contact [email protected]; tickets are $95.