Get started in Vlogging!

This is a great introduction into the world Vlogging, lead by Elliott Hamami. Elliot is a content creator and started his own YouTube channel in 2012! Elliot also works with Spiffy gear. Spiffy gear is the creator of the Spekular lighting system, as well the newly released LUMEE (a wearable, cinema grade light).

Elliot will share his tricks of the trade, how and why the flexibility of using a single light kit to create a variety of lighting setups can elevate your work to a pro level. You will learn to create lighting, camera and sound setups for different vlogging types, and learn the characteristics of each vlogging type.

Elliot will also share tips about vlogging gear including his experience of being a youtube “influencer” before influencers were a “thing”. Attendees will learn how to produce maximum results with minimum gear and get some hands-on with the most compact and modular lighting kit in the world.

This will include opportunities to work hands on with the gear, so be sure to bring your camera!

What to bring:

  • Camera
  • Portrait Lens
  • Memory Card
  • Battery

About Spiffy Gear:

Spiffy Gear is an innovative lighting company, focused on creating photo and video gear which is fun to use, easy to implement and travel-friendly. Founded in 2013 by photographer Udi Tirosh, Spiffy gear is highly-regarded by photographers and DPs all over the world.


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