Girls working in a science lab.

Create a fantastic creature from the inside out.

How does your creature walk? What’s holding up those giant scales and big eyes? Scientific illustration is the art of documenting the inside of creatures to learn more about them. Scientists and explorers use these illustrations for in-the-field research, while movie producers and authors use it to understand the beasts that fill their worlds.

Homeschool Days at MoPOP transport families from adventure to adventure with hands-on programs. Explore activities like how to build a fantasy costume, the science of potions, 3D printing, the anatomy of a monster, and more.

Our workshops tie into our unique pop culture exhibitions, making learning awesome. Homeschool Days tickets include full access to the museum on the day of, so homeschoolers and their families can go on their own museum adventure in addition to our offered class.

Bring a whole new dimension to learning outside the classroom at MoPOP with five different main programs and additional special offerings.