Drawing of an imaginary empire city.

What would you put in your dream city?

Work with friends and family to assemble the elements of a real city in a game created just for this day by designer Anna Armstrong. Put your decisions to the test with urban planners and architects who work with the City of Seattle. The first 50 people to complete the game leave with Seattle swag bags, including $5 off your next visit to MOHAI.

Drop by between 1 and 3 pm!

Co-presented by MOHAI and the City of Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development.

As a catalyst for relevant community conversation, MOHAI’s public programs include a diverse range of speakers and perspectives related to life in our region, past and present. In presenting this program MOHAI does not endorse or advocate any specific policies represented by the speakers, their organizations, or the co-presenters.

Location: MOHAI Terrace and Lake Union Park

Cost: Free