The idea that people can solve economic problems by working together is at the heart of the cooperative impulse. In Seattle, that impulse is strong. From coffee shops and breweries to grocery stores and outdoor retailers; Seattle has birthed long-standing and well-known cooperatives of many sizes. Hear from local cooperative leaders, moderated by webster walker, who will put today’s regional co-ops in historical context, and explore the potential that co-ops hold for addressing current economic, environmental and labor challenges.

webster walker is a long-time Seattle-area cooperator. He worked 13 years at Central Co-op, serving 7 years on their Board of Trustees. As a founder of SLICE: Strengthening Local Independent Cooperatives Everywhere, he helped organize several significant cooperative conferences in Seattle, including the 2012 National Cooperative Business Association conference during the United Nations’ International Year of Cooperatives.

A limited number of FM system and neck loop Assistive Listening Devices are available for this program. To reserve an ALS, please contact the Public Programs Department at [email protected].

Location: MOHAI, South Lake Cafe

Cost: Free