Black and white photo of an elevated tunnel over a body of water.

During this session we will highlight products in the Lee Filters lineup and explore the broad topic of using filters and gels in your photography.

Topics include:

  • Use of gels for color correction & dive into some creative applications
  • How Graduated Neutral Density filters can be beneficial in your work, especially landscapes.
  • Long Exposure Photography, tips and tools to get you started.

This session is great for anyone who’s been curious about why using Filters is such an important tool in photography.

Open to all levels of photographer or filmmaker. This session will include some short presentations and the opportunity for lots of Q&A!


This session will be live on our YouTube and Facebook Feeds:



If you have any questions during the event, please share those in the comments or chat and we will do our best to ask all we can during the Q&A segments.


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