A new class for photographers of all skill levels and all types of cameras. This class will focus on what makes a successful image and how to create it. We leave the technical behind and stay focused on the aesthetics. You’ll think and look at images in a whole new way.

There are several make or break stages in the creation of a photograph, and the composition stage is one of the most tricky. It’s not that composition is hard, its that there are so many options and no clear indication that your choice was the best one.

This class will help refine the process so that you can analyze a scene, see it for it’s greatest possibility and capture the most compelling image possible. We’ll begin by looking at how we, as humans, see and understand the world around us. You’ll learn what elements do and don’t make that transition from our vision to the final photograph. We’ll look at the elements that help make compelling images and learn how to arrange them by maximizing our point of view and angle of view.

In many cases, great photos start with an idea for the composition. This class will teach you how to look at the world a little differently and what to look for. This is a class for the visual learner, we’ll study photographs, lot’s of good ones, along with a few that don’t. If you’ve tackled the technical, take the next step and master the composition.

About John Greengo:

John Greengo is a professional photographer that has more than 20 years of experience as well as a degree in photography from Oregon State University. He is a member of the “Travels to the Edge” TV field crew and has been assisting and working with Art Wolfe around the world for the last several years.

Minimum 5 registered students required for class to be held.

About Registration

This workshop has limited seating, as a result registration is required for each attendee, if you are planning to bring a guest, please register for them as well. 

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