Come to the healthiest party imaginable!

“Life is best experienced with a sense of awe, wonder and discovery. Go about life with a child’s curiousity. (The universe is more spectacular than you can imagine…)” – Tom Gregory

” If you can walk, you can dance.

If you can talk, you can sing.” – Zimbabwean Proverb

Friday, April 15th 7:15-9:00PM
Flow with Vanessa Payne, Beats by DJ Drishti. Laugh, Sweat, Play. Giveaways and more!

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Tickets: $35 for 2, or $20 for 1. +$5 at the door! Portion of proceeds will benefit Deaf Blind Services, is committed to assisting deaf-blind people in reaching and maintaining their highest possible quality of life and degree of personal autonomy.