Do you love macarons? These feather-light, meringue based French cookies with crisp shells, delicately chewy interiors, and lush fillings look difficult to make, but once you know the tricks of the trade you will master them. Ari is super excited to teach you the art and science of making macarons at home, because, as she says, “macarons are my jam!”


After you watch Ari demo, you’ll get to make macaron batter, pipe macarons, and bake them. You’ll also make passion fruit buttercream, fill and sandwich your cookies together and decorate them, all hands-on. (Though you will only make passion fruit buttercream in class, you will also have fillings of raspberry jam and ginger-infused chocolate ganache available to you for filling your macarons.)  Eat some macarons in class, then we’ll pack up the rest so you can take your beautiful macarons home with you to share with family and friends (unless of course you want them all to yourself!)


A glass of wine or beer is included.



  • Ari will talk about French macaron ingredients, the history of the pastry, and the difference between French and Italian methods. She will show and explain all the products and equipment that you’ll need to make macarons
  • How to mix French macaron batter
  • How to pipe, bake, fill and decorate macarons
  • How to make passion fruit buttercream


Hands on:

  • Mix macaron batter
  • Make passion fruit buttercream
  • Pipe and bake macarons
  • Sandwich macarons with fillings (buttercream, chocolate ganache, and raspberry jam)
  • Decorate macarons with luster dust and buttercream

$95 enrollment here.

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