Remember back when you wished you could just stay home all day and never go to work? Well, congrats! You just got your dream scenario. But, just because you’re homebound doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. So, for those of you who have to write stuff for a living — and by that we mean web content, video scripts, newsletters, marketing emails, social media, and other marketing communication — why not use all that free time you now have to learn how to make that writing better? As always, you’ll learn at the hand of a very experienced pro. But not as always, this time the learning’s free.

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In these three one-hour weekly online sessions, the consummate copy pro and creative director, Dennis O’Reilly, will help you become a better writer of all kinds of business and marketing communication. If you decide to take all three (you’re welcome to just sit in on one or two) you’ll do a short assignment each week, and then collaborate with your peers to critique them. Here’s what else we’ll be covering:

  • Week 1: Writing using a brief or strategy statement as your writing prompt
  • Week 2: Stream-of-consciousness writing; how to get to the good stuff
  • Week 3: How to edit and refine your own writing and another author’s
  • Qualities of good writing: Clarity, Simplicity, Brevity, Humanity
  • How to keep it creative when you’re working in solitary confinement