You job hunters already know that it’s a good idea to remove those photos of you being crowned beer pong champion from your Facebook account. But social media doesn’t just sink your prospects — it can also lift them. Used thoughtfully, what you post can send exactly the right message about your personal brand to prospective employers. So take a break from practicing your full 180 to post on TikTok and come learn how social media can give your job prospects a boost.

Since your physical presence is a bit of an impossibility for a job search these days, a powerful online presence is more essential than ever. Expedia content strategist and storyteller, Rebecca Kraus, will show you how to build a strategic presence on social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest in a way that attracts recruiters and hiring managers. She’ll also explain the necessity of defining your personal brand and telling your authentic story on different social platforms while leveraging their unique strengths.

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