Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Fluffies dance all through the night. And show paws and tails to ward off fright……

Cause this is FetchNW!!! AGES: 21+

FetchNW is Seattle’s only furry boat cruise, and we’re bringing you an all-new party: BARKTOBER! The first furry Halloween-themed boat party on a fracking FERRY. Be spooky. Be fluffy. Dance until your paws hurt. And get this, you spoopy animals. This time there’s an all-new boat! Feast your fearsome eyes On the HIYU

The Hiyu gives us a spacious outdoor deck, two well-appointed indoor passenger bar lounges, programmable lighting, a full sound system throughout the vessel, and 6 BATHROOMS. You want more space to dance? You got it. You wanna hang out on the deck? It’s there. You wanna chill by the bar? Done. And you know we’re gonna have great music. Grab a ticket, grab your fursuit, your friends, your friends’ fursuits, and come to have a great time.

Times to remember!

  • Boarding Time: 5:45 PM SHARP!

  • Shove Off: 7 PM SHARP!!!

  • Docking Time: 10 PM

Address: S. Lake Union Park 860 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109


FOOD: There will be a food truck on board to serve you tasty foods for the drunk and hungry.

Fursuiters: It’s cool to bring totes or bags and store them in the Headless Lounge. Security will search your stuff as you board.

Puppies: Pup hoods and gear are welcome. Show up and doggo your dog self. Keep in mind that there aren’t any mosh mats or fire hydrants on the boat.

Party Rules:

  1. All sales final, no refunds.

  2. Tickets will be used by the ticket holder. You can give your ticket to a friend or sell it but whoever is holding the ticket when we scan it will get into the party. Don’t give away your ticket unless you really mean to.

  3. No outside food or drink

  4. No smoking cigarettes or weed on board.

  5. Government-issued photo ID required.

  6. FetchNW In Heat is a 21+ event. You must be 21 or older to attend.

  7. All guests subject to a security screening and bag check, including action packers or fursuit bags.

  8. Anyone obviously under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be denied boarding.

  9. You are responsible for your own behavior and hold FetchNW, LLC, On the HIYU, and Menagerie Inc. harmless in the event of death or injury from stupidity or all causes whatsoever.

  10. Listen to the Captain and staff and do what they say, it’s their boat!.

  11. Don’t break the boat. You break it you bought it.

  12. Don’t be a dick; we’re all here to have a good time together.

  13. Don’t fall overboard or we’ll laugh at you and video will go all over the interwebs.

Tickets are between $50-$100 and can be purchased here.

Info Lines and Information Updates
Be sure to join the Telegram chat and notification rooms for all the latest updates and to meet your fellow partiers!
General Chat https://t.me/joinchat/Bm4y90OJI_CN7nbEyb3kmA 
* Event Information on Eventbrite: https://barktober.eventbrite.com