>>This class will be held online until we can transition back to in-person learning.<<

Ask a class of first graders “Anyone want to draw?” and they’ll all scream, “YES!” Ask a bunch of adults? Crickets. What happened? We all know drawing is at the core of so many creative activities. And even though our brains are actually wired to succeed at it, why do many of us lack confidence? Drawing, it turns out, is much more of a “mindset” than a “skill”. Unfortunately, most of us judge our skill first, and never deal with the mindset, so we never really get started, or skillful. This workshop is designed to tackle that conundrum. We’ll define, then open “the mindset” with several activities, and then we’ll do some drawing, but not quite like you think. No experience necessary — honest.

Many people see drawing as a kind of mini-super-power — something a precious few are born with, and the rest aren’t. This is simply not the case. Virtually everyone can draw, but the doubt surrounding this innate ability keeps us from taking the right path. “Fearless Drawing” will help you get past this challenge so that your effort will go toward building an ability to dispassionately see the three-dimensional world around you and then more easily capture that on your two-dimensional drawing pad. Worrying less about a series of drawings skills, and focusing more on drawing exercises that enhance this mindset is the key. Bottom line is that drawing should be about joy, not worry or doubt – you’ll feel that. The bonus is that this drawing mindset is the same mindset for creative conceptualizing. When you need big ideas about almost any subject, start drawing.

Required supply list:

  • 18” x 24” newsprint – at least 30 sheets – something like “Strathmore Mega Newsprint”
  • 4 to 6 Charcoal pencils – something like “General’s Charcoal 557-6B ex. Soft”
  • 4 to 6 charcoal sticks 1/4 x 3/8 x 3” – something like “General’s Compressed Charcoal Sticks”
  • an eraser

Registration fee is $285, register here.