Abstract watercolor of peonies.

Winston Wächter Fine Art is please to present our first exhibition with Tennessee and New Mexico based painter Emily Leonard.

In HOMER, flowers suspended in meteoric bloom burst forth into the picture plane with a yearning restlessness, as Leonard searches for meaning in their fragile beauty. Born out of a trip to Homer, AK, her latest series looks beyond the visible stem and delicate leaves and into the earth and surrounding habitat, capturing the enduring mystique of nature through flurried brushstrokes and silken texture. Leonard invites unexpected, sublime moments in her process, replacing faithful representation with intuitive abstraction through translucent layers of vivid pastels. Her vibrant floral compositions emphasize the beauty of the visible, yet she peers underneath the petals, hunting for something elemental within the atoms, the dirt, the dust.

“A deeper part of me knows that if something so delicate and ephemeral is both buried and birthed in the earth, there must be more than just dirt and rock under the surface.” — Emily Leonard

Emily Leonard is a Nashville native who also works in New Mexico. She received her BFA from Furman University. Leonard has been published in magazines and catalogues including Garden and Gun, Southern Living and Studio Visit by Open Studios Press. Her paintings are included in numerous private and public collections around the world, including the Tennessee State Museum, the Nashville Courthouse, Swedish Hospital in Seattle, and UBS, Nashville.